What is the National Injury Insurance Scheme Queensland?

Published 27 Apr 2018

The National Injury Insurance Scheme Queensland (NIISQ) is a no-fault insurance program designed to provide necessary lifetime treatment and support for people who sustain serious personal injuries in motor vehicle collisions. It helps cover victim’s medical expenses so they can try to return to living a normal life.

How is the scheme managed?
Part of a nationwide change to better support those injured in motor vehicle accidents, the NIISQ Bill was passed by state government in May 2016 and came into effect July of the same year. Administration of the scheme was passed to the NIISQ Agency, with funding secured by a state levy charge which is paid when registering a motor vehicle in Queensland.

Who and what does it cover?
This scheme is part of the first nationwide insurance policy that covers all individuals in the case of serious personal injury. It’s a vital addition to Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance. According to NIIS Queensland, approximately half of all people who sustain serious injuries in motor vehicle accidents cannot claim against their CTP insurance because it’s a fault-based scheme. That’s why this scheme is so important – it covers all those affected by collisions if there was no party at fault, such as in the case of involuntary debilitation or swerving to avoid an animal.

The NIIS only applies within Queensland – all out-of-state accidents are covered by an equivalent state insurance scheme. However, Australians from other states and territories can claim against the NIIS if they suffer an eligible, serious injury while driving in Queensland.

How can I make a claim?
If you or a loved one is seriously injured in a motor vehicle collision, you should notify the NIISQ Agency as soon as possible after the incident. Do this by:

  • Filling out the notification form on our website;
  • Sending us an email; or
  • Calling the enquiry line.

You can submit a claim on behalf of a loved one, or vice versa you can ask a family member, friend or the hospital you are staying in to notify us on your behalf. Additionally, if you have already claimed against your CTP insurance policy, your insurer can also contact us for you.

If you sustained a serious personal injury prior to the NIISQ eligibility date of July 1 2016, you are ineligible to claim on this scheme. There are other options you can pursue however, including securing the legal services of a compensation claims solicitor.

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