Western Sydney man receives $120,000 compensation following injury in Queensland Airport

Published 23 Jan 2017

Our client suffered a fall whilst commencing a holiday in Queensland, this fall caused severe injuries and resulted in a settlement of $120,000.00.

Our client arrived in Queensland for a holiday with his family at the beginning of summer. Upon retrieving his luggage he began to walk towards the exit of this airport to find his bus which would eventually take him and his family to their hotel.

As approaching the exit door, there was a piece of carpet in front of the door which had curled up due to use by other passengers and trolleys. Our client unfortunately tripped over this raised piece of carpet falling heavily onto his face suffering injuries to his face, neck and a deep laceration to his eyebrow requiring 5 stitches.

An ambulance attended the scene and escorted our client to a public hospital where he remained for a day. Not only did this event result in lost time and enjoyment of our client and his family’s holiday, but more importantly, it caused serious and ongoing injuries.

Feeling significantly worse off as a result of his injuries this man approached Gerard Malouf and Partners to enquire about her legal rights and whether or not we could assist with a case in Queensland.

Christine Beshay, an accredited personal injury specialist, took carriage of this matter. She briefed an experienced Queensland barrister to assist and obtained all relevant medical records and records from the airport and other parties of the incident. Mrs Beshay then briefed expert doctors to assess the degree and permanence of the injuries suffered by our client. In doing so, she was able to provide solid evidence as to the injuries caused by the negligence of the Defendant, which ultimately turned out to be an organisation responsible for the care and upkeep of the airport.

Ms Beshay then urgently commenced negotiations to ensure this matter was resolved quickly and cheaply without heading to an unnecessarily expensive hearing. Importantly, it should be noted that in Queensland, matters are required to go through a pre-litigation phase before court proceedings can be commenced. Often, in our experience, this method can be arduous and frustrating for injuries individuals.

Fortunately however by progressively pursuing this matter, skilfully engaging in negotiations with the representatives of the Defendant , Mrs Beshay was able to obtain a settlement of $120,000.00 for our client. We understand he is very satisfied with this result.

We are specialised and focused lawyers with our firm being small enough to care for our clients but large enough to have solid financial medical and expert resources. For over the phone free advice or to take advantage of our Face to Face consultation, call our expert medical negligence team today on our free call number 1800 004 878.

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