Sydney Man Awarded $120,000 Compensation After Trip and Fall at a Queensland Airport

Published 22 Aug 2016

Haphazard safety arrangements often have the potential for further serious injury. This case involves a Western Sydney man who received injury compensation of $120,000 for a neck injury that occurred during his holiday to Queensland.

In the summer of 2013 our client went on a holiday to the Gold Coast with his family. Before their arrival, there had been heavy rain on the runaway and a carpet had been run across the tarmac in order to prevent passengers from falling over. Unfortunately for our client the edge of the carpet had lifted, and he tripped whilst crossing the tarmac sustaining a serious neck injury. Our client was taken to hospital where he was treated with a neck brace that he was required to wear some months after his injury.

Our client came to Gerard Malouf & Partners seeking compensation for his ongoing neck and shoulder pain.  His case was taken on by our Accredited Personal Injury Specialist, Ms Christine Beshay, who arranged medical assessments in support of our client’s claim.  This included a report from an expert psychiatrist to support our client’s claim for psychiatric injury, and a report from an expert orthopaedic surgeon, to support our client’s claim for his physical injuries and domestic care and assistance.  Once this evidence was obtained, Ms Beshay filed attended to the pre-litigation requirements under the Personal Injury Proceedings Act (PIPA) in Queensland, managing the progression of the matter remotely from our office in Parramatta.

Respecting our client’s wish to avoid the risk and stress of a trial, Ms Beshay settled our client’s matter with the airport for $120,000 for our client’s pain and suffering and ongoing medical expenses. However, this claim may have been much higher had our client been employed at the time of the accident.

Have you been injured as a result of haphazard safety arrangements? Did your accident occur in another state and you’re unsure where to start? Don’t settle for any less than maximum justice. Call Gerard Malouf & Partners on 1800 004 878 and ask to speak with one of our experienced compensation lawyers. Time limits apply in public liability claims, so call Gerard Malouf & Partners today.

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