Southport Client Receives $175,000.00 Compensation Following Slip and Fall Injuries

Published 05 Jun 2015

Our client was involved in a slip and fall accident in the car park of her local shopping centre in Southport Queensland. She was carrying her groceries to her car when she slipped and fell on a puddle of grease which covered the breadth of the walkway. Our client tried to soften her fall by putting out her left hand, but she hit the ground awkwardly injuring her left hand, her legs and hips.

Our client’s injury had a substantive negative impact on her life. Our client had recurring pain as a result of her injuries. Although our client worked in an office and was able to continue working after being injured, when she came home from work she was unable to contribute to the running of the household. Our client was no longer able to enjoy doing family activities with her husband and three children and this led to deterioration in her relationships with them.

Upon receiving instructions in this matter Gerard Malouf and Partners was able to support our client through her claim. The team at GMP promptly completed the relevant Personal Injury Claim Form and served this on the insurer for the car park. We obtained reports from experts who investigated the scene of our client’s fall, and from medical experts who had treated our client. These reports were used to corroborate our client’s claim.

We represented our client in negotiations with the defendant insurer. After significant debate with the defendant, we were able to successfully argue that our client was also a significant earner and, in the event she ultimately ceased her current employment she would, given her injuries, be unable to readily secure a new job.

Liability was also hotly contested however, through our experts, we were able to establish that the defendant, through their negligence failed to ensure the area was safe and free of greasy substances.

Following this realisation, the defendant made a final offer of $175,000.00, and our client instructed us to accept this. Our client felt that this amount was a proper acknowledgement of her injuries and the economic and personal losses she had suffered as a result of the slip & fall accident.

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