Slip & Fall Compensation Settlement Provides Financial Relief and Closure for Client

Published 26 Nov 2014

Our client was staying at his uncle’s home when he slipped and fell on a slippery surface, causing injury to his leg. He attended the hospital and x-rays showed that he had fractured his leg. Our client followed doctors’ directions and later attended physiotherapy. Our client was diligent with the exercises assigned to him. However, he continued to feel pain in his leg and had to take medication to deal with it.

Several months after the injury our client still had difficulty walking and undertaking employment duties which caused significant financial hardship. He decided to contact GMP Lawyers Queensland who were able to obtain a settlement to Provide financial relief and closure for the client.

Prior to his injury our client was a very social person and he enjoyed maintaining a high level of fitness. The injury to his leg greatly affected our client’s quality of life as he could no longer exercise the way he had before hurting his leg and he could not socialise as readily as he previously had. Furthermore, our client could no longer fulfil his dream of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, for which he had been training prior to his injury.

Our client instructed GMP Lawyers Queensland in this matter because his injury had negatively impacted upon him economically, socially, physically and mentally. Our client reasonably expected that these negative consequences would continue.

David Cossalter used his experience in the public liability field to complete the necessary PIPA claim form and obtain the medical reports necessary to substantiate our client’s slip fall claim. GMP also acquired other documents necessary to evidence the effects of the injury upon our client’s lifestyle and earning capacity.

In settlement negotiations the defendant insurance company made an offer of $70,000.00 which our client instructed us to accept. Our client was happy with this result as he felt that it adequately reflected his injuries from the slip and fall and allowed him to move on with his life. At the end of his matter our client said “David was an absolute life saver. Not only did he work hard on my behalf he was also very compassionate towards my situation.”

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