GMP Shopping Trolley Accident Success Against Major Supermarket

Published 03 Jan 2020

Greg Choat

Our client was badly injured when shopping at a major supermarket. She took a trolley, completed her shopping, and pushed the trolley onto the travellator.

Unfortunately, the trolley was not suitable for use on the travellator, but our client was not appropriately warned of that by any sign properly attached to the trolley. To its credit, the supermarket admitted that it was at fault for the accident, but it did not admit that our client had sustained damage.

We prepared our client’s case thoroughly, including by obtaining supportive evidence with respect to the issues in dispute, and attended a settlement conference in Brisbane with our client and the supermarket’s lawyers.

We were able not only to advocate and make submissions on our client’s behalf but also to identify legal errors that the supermarket’s lawyers had made in its analysis of the case. The supermarket’s lawyer was unaware of the error that had been made, but which we were able to identify given our sound understanding of the laws which govern personal injury claims in Queensland.

Though we were ready to bring proceedings to Court as required, our client was fortunate that a settlement was able to be struck in the period following settlement discussions. The settlement at such a stage maximises compensation and minimises legal fees, and we were very pleased that our client obtained a very suitable outcome and one that she was happy with.

As a firm that has a large team that practices exclusively in public liability, personal injury, medical negligence, and air carrier’s act in Queensland and around Australia. We understand how to maximise compensation, and have the skill and experience to achieve that.


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