Newtown Local receives compensation as rear seat passenger in a Queensland car accident

Published 05 Dec 2016

Our Client was a 29 year old Newtown local who was on a family holiday at the time of the car accident. Our client was the rear seat passenger of a car being driven her partner’s father when it came to a stop at a red light.

Without warning another vehicle failed to stop and collided heavily into the rear of our client’s vehicle. She sustained injuries to her neck, shoulders as well as psychological injuries resulting from the crash.

Following the accident our client noted that she was having difficulty sleeping, anxiety while driving or being a passenger. The Client had difficulty siting for long period of time and this would affect her ability to work.

At the time of the accident our client was working for a real estate agent in Newtown. While she had difficulty working given her financial situation and the fact that her partner was far more severely injured in this accident she could not afford to take any time off work.

A claim was made for the loss of future income which our client may sustain as a result of the accident. A claim was made on the basis that she may require time off work to attend upon medical practitioners or take days off when her injuries were exacerbated. A buffer was also made in case our client were to lose her job and be unable to continue to work.

As stated our client’s partner was also injured in the same accident. This meant that our client also had to spend a considerable amount of time looking after him and the household tasks.

A considerable claim for the further care which she might require was made. Given her restrictions she would struggle to raise any children in the house and would require the help of a commercial cleaner to keep on top the cleaning and laundry duties within the house hold.

Ultimately our client received an amount of over $40,000.00 which compensated her for her medical treatment and future expenses.

If you or your family member have been injured, and are expecting a quick resolution to our claim, Gerard Malouf and Partners are able to ensure you are not disadvantaged and that you receive maximum compensation.

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