Motor Accident Claim Insurance outcome within 3 months for $100,000

Published 16 Mar 2015

Our client resides in Brisbane Queensland. She was injured in a motor accident and suffered significant injuries to her back and legs. These injuries created a series of significant disabilities and restriction for our clients work capacity and caused her mental health problems. Our client had a history of labour intensive work which cannot continue as a result. Our client had been unable to work since the day of the accident and was struggling financially.

Our client contacted Gerard Malouf and Partners due to the difficulty caused as a result of this illness and wanted to pursue a Motor Accident claim. Thankfully, while in pursuit of the motor vehicle case Gerard Malouf and Partners identified that our client was insured for Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) insurance at the time of the accident in the amount of $100,000 through the Superannuation Fund paid by their employer.

Gerard Malouf and Partners was able to acquiring strong evidence establishing the nature of client’s claim and prepared detailed arguments in support. We requested full payment of the $100,000.00, and prepared the matter to be brought before a court should the insurer not pay. We acted quickly to keep the pressure on the insurer and as a result we were able to secure our client’s legal right in relation to this claim.

The insurer agreed to pay the full amount of the insured TPD benefit after a period of 3 months, as a result of the weight of evidence and strength of pressure brought to bear by Gerard Malouf and Partners. Our client was exceptionally pleased with the outcome as the insurance monies greatly assisted her financially.

Superannuation Funds often hold insurance policies of TPD and income protection on your behalf. If you are considering whether your have a claim for TPD or are currently facing difficulties with an insurer please do not hesitate to contact our Superannuation team for a free consultation.

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