Gold Coast Client Injured During Recreational Event

Published 29 Apr 2015

Our client was retired and enjoyed racing her dogs at the local greyhound tracks on the Gold Coast. On the date of her injury our client was crossing the track before the races started as she ordinarily did. She checked to make sure that the lure arm was not moving as she was about to pass over the railings to get to the spectators’ bay. Our client had one leg over the railings when she noticed that the lure was fast approaching her. She tried to move over the railings quickly but was unable to do so suffering significant injury.

Our client suffered heavy bruising and injury to her leg where the lure hit her, as well as having strained various muscles trying to move quickly over the railing. Our client was taken to hospital where she was treated for her injuries. Our client was now restricted to spending most of her time home alone rather than at the greyhound track racing her dogs, earning money and socialise with her friends. These factors led our client to become depressed and financially deprived.

Our client felt that her injuries were due to the negligence of the race track employees. The lure operator would ordinarily check to ensure that the path was clear before releasing the lure, but failed to do so on this occasion. Further the track was ill designed as going over the barrier was the only access point from the track to the spectator bay.

Upon being instructed in this matter Gerard Malouf and Partners promptly completed the relevant Personal Injury Claim Form and served this on the insurer for the track. Promptly identifying that there was not a significant injury in this matter, so as to ensure cost savings, GMP commenced negotiations with the greyhound track’s insurance company.

The insurance company offered our client $30,000.00, and our client accepted this offer particularly as it was done in a quick and easy fashion, the matter resolved within 8 months of contacting GMP. Our client was very happy not only with the settlement figure but also with the support provided to her by Gerard Malouf and Partners throughout the process.

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