Case for Queensland surgeon charged with negligence and harassment still ongoing

Published 18 Jun 2020

Disciplinary actions by the Queensland State Parliament, Australian Supreme Court and the Metro North Hospital and Health Service (MNHHS) against Dr. William Braun haven’t prevented the surgeon’s lawyers from arguing his suspension should be thrown out.

As ABC News reported, Braun’s lawyers assert he has lost more than $2 million in potential income due to harm against his reputation as a result of being suspended by his employer, the MNHHS. Claims of bullying, medical negligence, surgical malpractice and sexual harassment have surrounded Braun for years, dating back to 2016, according to the Brisbane Times.

Multiple offences against patients

LNP member Ros Bates has provided context on why investigations continue into Braun’s past actions and why disciplinary measures were necessary, the Brisbane Times noted.

“We have been inundated with dozens of complaints from senior clinicians and patients who raised allegations for years and nothing was done,” said Bates. “Several patients and doctors have expressed relief that these matters are finally being taken seriously and under investigation.”

In addition to repeated occurrences of reported sexual misconduct, whistle-blowers alleged that Braun departed from “acceptable professional standards” resulting in subsequent emergency operations on patients. In a chain of events, operations led to serious complications that went undiagnosed, further necessitating additional surgeries that did little to remedy the original issue.

Unfortunately, cases of medical negligence are not uncommon, and adjudicating such claims in court can take years. Without corroborating testimony of those willing to come forward – including the family of loved ones of those who may have passed away due to negligence – doctors may continue providing insufficient duty of care, impacting untold numbers of additional patients.

In the case of Dr. Braun, his superiors maintain that lifting a suspension by court order could create “concerns for patient safety and wellbeing,” according to ABC News.

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