What steps do I take to make a public liability claim in Queensland


If you've been injured because of public liability or neglect, it's important to understand the steps you must take to make a claim in Queensland. The Personal Injuries Proceedings Act 2002 and the Civil Liability Act 2003 set forth the following guidelines for making a public liability claim. Time restraints…

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Can I claim for loss of earnings if I’m injured due to a slip, trip or fall?


What does loss of earnings mean? Under the Civil Liability Act 2003 (QLD), loss of earnings is defined as: (a) Past economic loss due to loss of earnings or the deprivation or impairment of earning capacity; and (b) future economic loss due to loss of prospective earnings or the deprivation…

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Can I make a public liability claim for workplace accidents?


People who are injured in Queensland may be entitled to compensation if they can prove the damage they suffered - whether physical or psychological - was the result of someone else's negligence. However, separate pieces of legislation govern the different circumstances under which an individual can be injured. For example,…

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Was Queensland hospital negligent in $20m cerebral palsy case?


A woman who believes she received negligent treatment from an obstetrician at the Mater Mothers' Private Hospital in Brisbane has launched a $20 million liability claim after her son was born with cerebral palsy. Petrea Aslett, 43, was 30 weeks pregnant when she went to the hospital in March 2012…

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What laws govern public liability claims in Queensland?


The Civil Liability Act 2003 governs public liability claims in Queensland. These claims are made for injuries suffered that are not related to a motor vehicle or workplace accident. The injury could have occurred on either private or public property. Examples of public liability injuries include: Slips and falls in…

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Are there maximum general damages payouts for personal injury claims?


Personal injury compensation in Queensland is split into two parts: economic losses and general damages. When someone is seriously hurt, they may take significant time off work, build up extensive medical bills and require future care. These expenses are repaid through compensation for economic losses. However, general damages are designed…

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Is it possible to make a liability claim for food poisoning?


Food poisoning is an unpleasant and surprisingly common experience. An estimated 4.1 million cases of food poisoning occur annually in Australia, according to the Food Safety Information Council. That's the equivalent of one-sixth of the population getting struck down every 12 months. Most people recover after a few days without…

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Can I make a public liability claim against a security guard in QLD?


In Queensland, bouncers and security guards have less power than many think. While they're in place to protect the 'house' rules of a venue, such as a pub or a shopping centre, they are restricted in the methods they can use to enforce these rules. This includes not being allowed…

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Can I claim public liability against a QLD sports club?


As exhilarating as sports are for both participants and viewers alike, unfortunately this excitement can come with the risk of unplanned injury. The risk of physical harm differs between players and fans, with the public liability rules applicable to these groups different too. If you suffer an injury while playing…

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Does an apology constitute an admission of liability?


A heartfelt apology is often one of the first steps to settling an argument with someone. Saying you're sorry to a person that you've wronged opens up the path to forgiveness and can provide closure. But conventional wisdom in legal matters is that defendants can do themselves more harm than…

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Can people who are committing a crime be awarded damages?


People who are seriously hurt on public or private property can often claim compensation for the injuries they sustained if they are able to prove that an individual or organisation negligently breached a duty of care. However, does this responsibility extend to claimants who were involved in criminal activity at…

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$93,000 Compensation for a young woman that suffered injuries in a motor vehicle accident in Queensland


Gerard Malouf & Partners Compensation Lawyers brought about a successful outcome for a young women that suffered injuries in a motor vehicle accident. Our client was travelling on the motor way, which had come to a standstill due to the traffic ahead of her having come to a stop. While…

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What is a structured settlement in a QLD public liability claim?


When claiming for compensation in a public liability case, a structured settlement is an alternative means of repaying debt to an injured person. Instead of receiving a lump compensation payment, claimants may instead be paid out all or part of their debt over a period of time in instalments. What…

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What is the National Injury Insurance Scheme Queensland?


The National Injury Insurance Scheme Queensland (NIISQ) is a no-fault insurance program designed to provide necessary lifetime treatment and support for people who sustain serious personal injuries in motor vehicle collisions. It helps cover victim's medical expenses so they can try to return to living a normal life. How is…

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How long do public liability claims take to resolve in QLD?


Proceeding with a public liability claim is a big decision, and people often want to know how long their case is likely to take before it reaches a conclusion. Unfortunately, this is always a difficult question to answer because of the unique factors affecting each claim. If the individual or…

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Gold Coast family receives over $180,000 following womans death in local hospital


The clients were a father and daughter who sustained nervous shock injuries following the death of their wife and mother respectively. On 12 September 2012 the deceased presented to the emergency department of a local hospital following an injury he sustained 4 wheel driving while he attempted to change an…

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What constitutes a public place for liability claims in QLD?


Public liability claims enable you to pursue compensation for injuries that you sustain due to someone else's negligence. But what does the 'public' part of a public liability claim mean? Some people believe that accidents must happen in a public place, such as a shopping centre or supermarket. This isn't…

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Is my employer obligated to provide accident avoidance training?


Health and safety rules are designed to protect employees from the hazards that exist within the workplace. But regardless of how careful employers are to create a safe working environment for staff, accidents still occur. There were more than 61,000 workers compensation claims filed in the state in 2012-13, according…

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Repetitive Strain it is a real thing – Queensland Process Worker Claims Compensation


Our client was engaged in work activities at the end of the packing line taking tubes off a conveyer belt. The worker generally takes three tubes at a time, one left hand and two with the right. The worker checks the date and once done, the three tubes are slid…

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Does being drunk affect a public liability claim?


ustralians enjoy the occasional tipple and Queenslanders aren't the exception to the rule. According to the Foundation for Alcohol Research & Education, Queenslanders may only be the fourth-largest consumers of alcohol in the country at 83.2 per cent of the population. But the state's residents ranked first in Australia for…

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